'A morning in Italy' - Saturday 8th October

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Grainger's Bar & Talbot Gallery, 51 Talbot Street, Dublin 1.
11am, on Saturday the 8th October 2011.

We are proud to announce our sixth Breakfast… on the corner, ‘A morning in Italy'. We began our culinary journey in Brazil and have made our way through Poland, Spain, France and India. Now we are embarking on Italy, where there will be hums from Vespa’s, exotic accents, sunshine, cappuccinos & biscotti at a cafe terrace… do you feel the Italian appeal?
We would like to invite you to enjoy a traditional Italian breakfast, served in Grainger’s Bar, on Saturday 8th of October 2011, from 11am. As always we have a programme of themed events running alongside the breakfast beginning.
> From 11.00am to 1pm at GRAINGER’S BAR
An Italian Breakfast menu, accompanied by Italian music from Stefano Refolo.
Stefano Refolo has played piano and sung for many years. He has great passion and sensitivity for pop music as well as Italian and international writers who have influenced him to play in many clubs in Rome and Milan. In 1996, he founded the band "prodotti atipici", as a lead singer and for ten years this band has unleashed in many dance clubs in Italy. His performance offers the most beautiful songs from the Italian scene and a few songs from the repertoire of the great Neapolitan tradition. 
> From 1.30pm - TALBOT GALLERY screens ‘Ladri di biciclette'
The bicycle thieves – 1948 – Was directed by Vittorio DeSica and based on the novel of the same name by Luigi Bartolini, The Bicycle Thief is one of the greatest neo-realist films. A heart-breakingly simple story that stars Lamberto Maggiorani as the poor man and Enzo Staiola as his son desperately combing a, war-ravaged Rome for a stolen bicycle.
"If you have seen The Bicycle Thief, but not for years, you will discover that such is its power that it is like seeing it for the first time." (Kevin Thomas, LA Times.)

TEMPORARY PORTAL - As part of Dublin Culture Night

‘In order for the light to shine so brightly, the darkness must be present.’ 
Sir Francis Bacon

For this year’s forthcoming Culture Night (Friday 23rd Sept), Talbot Gallery is pleased to present three artists, who while differing in their media and disciplines, depict the everyday’s potential to become strange and unfamiliar.

Tracy Hanna, Angela McDonagh and Suzanne Mooney employ mediums as diverse as the two-dimensional portal of projected film and the ethereal presence of light, but all do so with a mind to question our
sense of place within our environment, whether that be the gallery or the street. These artists consider the problems of perception and the relation of the part to the whole; Hanna presents us with such moving images as a girl lying in milk, McDonagh questions occurrences at sub-atomic level, and Mooney's work is from Genius Loci an on-going project exploring Landscape and Place in various locations around the globe. The location of the piece for this collaboration are the icebergs in Iceland.

In this way Talbot Gallery fuses for Culture Night an exhibition ripe with interaction and the potential to undergo an experience somewhat uncanny, somewhat displaced.

Culture Night will continue downstairs in Grainger’s Bar, where illustrator Maeve Clancy, renowned for her pop-up paper works, will be in residence for the evening.

Though the launch of this exhibition is dedicated to and will coincide with Culture Night on the 23rd of September, with such a multitude of events occurring on this evening, we have decided to extend its duration until the 1st of October.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Breakfast...on the corner 'A taste of India'

 Grainger’s bar & Talbot gallery
Breakfast… On the Corner 
“A taste of India”

While spring kicks off in Dublin, we feel now that it is time for a change of scenery…
If you can’t afford buying an expensive ticket for an exotic destination, make your way to Grainger’s and Talbot Gallery on the Saturday 16th of April for a very special oriental treat.

> From 11.00 to 1pm at GRAINGER’S BAR
Indian Breakfast menu, Tribal belly dance by Zoryanna
"We are proud to announce our fifth Breakfast… on the corner, ‘A taste of India’. We began our culinary journey in Brazil and have made our way through Poland, Spain and France. This month we invite you to spice up your Saturday with a traditional Indian breakfast, served in Grainger’s Bar. As always we have a programme of themed events running alongside the breakfast beginning with tribal belly dancing."

The Zoryanna are a Dublin-based Tribal and Modern Bellydance Troupe, who perform and teach in Ireland and Europe. Tribal Bellydance is a modern style of dance that draws inspiration from traditional bellydance, flamenco, North-African and Indian dances, resulting in a unique style. Groups dances are improvised, based on a system of movements and cues, so every dance is different. Group interaction and a strong sense of communication between the dancers whilst dancing are exciting elements of Tribal Bellydance.

Modern Bellydance mixes Tribal Bellydance with elements from many other dance styles such as contemporary, jazz, and hip hop. The group love to experiment and create, and every time The Zoryanna take to the stage you can expect to be surprised and mesmerized

> From 1.30pm at TALBOT GALLERY
Yoga and Pilates Fusion Introduction Workshop with Anna Violante
Pilates improves flexibility of the spine, posture, alignment, breathing and body awareness and strengthens the core.
Yoga is an ancient discipline that originated in India reportedly more than 5,000 years ago. Asanas (postures), breathing techniques and meditation are all integral parts of this discipline and benefits include an increase in flexibility and strength, stress release and improved imbalance. Yoga energises your mind and body. The fusion of Yoga and Pilates mixes the elements together to create a workout that keeps your body supple, increases movement in your spine and helps you gain better body awareness.

About Anna Violante…
Anna trained with the Yoga Therapy & Training Centre in Dublin, Ireland and qualified as Yoga teacher in December 2009. Her background is in dance and Yoga and Pilates has helped her to further develop an intuitive body. After being introduced to Pilates in 2006 she was hooked and started incorporating elements of it into my daily Yoga practice.

Her classes range from a relaxing, balancing practice, to allow the body to move with more ease and grade, through to a stronger practice that re-energises the body.

This workshop will focus on introducing the basics of Yoga and Pilates fusion, all levels are welcome!

Storytelling & Illustration - Photos...

Storytelling by Fiona, Nina, Eleanore and Michael from Story'O
Illustration by Kevin, Killian and Raul from Blind Elephant



Photos by Pifa

Friday 25 March - Storytelling & Illustration

Join us at 7:30pm on Friday the 25th of March to enjoy the age-old tradition of storytelling in a whole new way!

After the positive response to the storytellers at our French breakfast Café Montmartre, we decided to dedicate another event to the activity.

Joining our four story tellers Eleonore Nicolas, Nina Tanis, Michael Phelan and Fiona Dowling from Story O, will be Raúl Mv, Killian Dunne and Kevin Bohan from Blind Elephant Illustration Collective.

This exciting event combining live illustration and storytelling is not to be missed!

"Story O started off as 5 friends who met once a month to cook together and tell stories. They were having so much delight that they thought they owe to spread the joy and share it with you. While their love to perform and elicit laughter mixed with their sense of play and fun brought them together, each of them can bring you on different journeys: Fiona tells you about all the colours of love, Eleonore prescribes stories to cure the symptoms of our time, Michael will wrap you around his little finger with tales where the grotesque and the sublime go hand in hand, Nina will share her love for humanity while Adam will fool you into thinking you´ve heard it all before and next thing you´ll be laughing uncontrollably. Come, sit, relax for an hour or for few minutes. They love travelling with their audiences!!!"

Blind Elephant Collective are a group of artists from various backgrounds who came together to create unique illustrations.
Raúl Mv is a graphic designer interested in all sorts of media and visual languages.

Killian Dunne is a Dublin based freelance illustrator and print maker. He graduated from N.C.A.D in 2009 and is a member of the BlackChurch Print Studio. His illustrations have been published in the Dublin Fringe Festival, Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Bizarre Magazine and WallPapers City Guide to Dublin.
Kevin Bohan graduated from Bolton St. DIT with a diploma in Print Management & Technology in 1996, worked in printing for 11 years before dropping out to study Graphic design and illustration. He is currently working in the design and layout department of a national newspaper and studying Web design full time.