Friday 25 March - Storytelling & Illustration

Join us at 7:30pm on Friday the 25th of March to enjoy the age-old tradition of storytelling in a whole new way!

After the positive response to the storytellers at our French breakfast Café Montmartre, we decided to dedicate another event to the activity.

Joining our four story tellers Eleonore Nicolas, Nina Tanis, Michael Phelan and Fiona Dowling from Story O, will be Raúl Mv, Killian Dunne and Kevin Bohan from Blind Elephant Illustration Collective.

This exciting event combining live illustration and storytelling is not to be missed!

"Story O started off as 5 friends who met once a month to cook together and tell stories. They were having so much delight that they thought they owe to spread the joy and share it with you. While their love to perform and elicit laughter mixed with their sense of play and fun brought them together, each of them can bring you on different journeys: Fiona tells you about all the colours of love, Eleonore prescribes stories to cure the symptoms of our time, Michael will wrap you around his little finger with tales where the grotesque and the sublime go hand in hand, Nina will share her love for humanity while Adam will fool you into thinking you´ve heard it all before and next thing you´ll be laughing uncontrollably. Come, sit, relax for an hour or for few minutes. They love travelling with their audiences!!!"

Blind Elephant Collective are a group of artists from various backgrounds who came together to create unique illustrations.
Raúl Mv is a graphic designer interested in all sorts of media and visual languages.

Killian Dunne is a Dublin based freelance illustrator and print maker. He graduated from N.C.A.D in 2009 and is a member of the BlackChurch Print Studio. His illustrations have been published in the Dublin Fringe Festival, Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Bizarre Magazine and WallPapers City Guide to Dublin.
Kevin Bohan graduated from Bolton St. DIT with a diploma in Print Management & Technology in 1996, worked in printing for 11 years before dropping out to study Graphic design and illustration. He is currently working in the design and layout department of a national newspaper and studying Web design full time.

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