TEMPORARY PORTAL - As part of Dublin Culture Night

‘In order for the light to shine so brightly, the darkness must be present.’ 
Sir Francis Bacon

For this year’s forthcoming Culture Night (Friday 23rd Sept), Talbot Gallery is pleased to present three artists, who while differing in their media and disciplines, depict the everyday’s potential to become strange and unfamiliar.

Tracy Hanna, Angela McDonagh and Suzanne Mooney employ mediums as diverse as the two-dimensional portal of projected film and the ethereal presence of light, but all do so with a mind to question our
sense of place within our environment, whether that be the gallery or the street. These artists consider the problems of perception and the relation of the part to the whole; Hanna presents us with such moving images as a girl lying in milk, McDonagh questions occurrences at sub-atomic level, and Mooney's work is from Genius Loci an on-going project exploring Landscape and Place in various locations around the globe. The location of the piece for this collaboration are the icebergs in Iceland.

In this way Talbot Gallery fuses for Culture Night an exhibition ripe with interaction and the potential to undergo an experience somewhat uncanny, somewhat displaced.

Culture Night will continue downstairs in Grainger’s Bar, where illustrator Maeve Clancy, renowned for her pop-up paper works, will be in residence for the evening.

Though the launch of this exhibition is dedicated to and will coincide with Culture Night on the 23rd of September, with such a multitude of events occurring on this evening, we have decided to extend its duration until the 1st of October.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

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