Breakfast...on the corner 'A taste of India'

 Grainger’s bar & Talbot gallery
Breakfast… On the Corner 
“A taste of India”

While spring kicks off in Dublin, we feel now that it is time for a change of scenery…
If you can’t afford buying an expensive ticket for an exotic destination, make your way to Grainger’s and Talbot Gallery on the Saturday 16th of April for a very special oriental treat.

> From 11.00 to 1pm at GRAINGER’S BAR
Indian Breakfast menu, Tribal belly dance by Zoryanna
"We are proud to announce our fifth Breakfast… on the corner, ‘A taste of India’. We began our culinary journey in Brazil and have made our way through Poland, Spain and France. This month we invite you to spice up your Saturday with a traditional Indian breakfast, served in Grainger’s Bar. As always we have a programme of themed events running alongside the breakfast beginning with tribal belly dancing."

The Zoryanna are a Dublin-based Tribal and Modern Bellydance Troupe, who perform and teach in Ireland and Europe. Tribal Bellydance is a modern style of dance that draws inspiration from traditional bellydance, flamenco, North-African and Indian dances, resulting in a unique style. Groups dances are improvised, based on a system of movements and cues, so every dance is different. Group interaction and a strong sense of communication between the dancers whilst dancing are exciting elements of Tribal Bellydance.

Modern Bellydance mixes Tribal Bellydance with elements from many other dance styles such as contemporary, jazz, and hip hop. The group love to experiment and create, and every time The Zoryanna take to the stage you can expect to be surprised and mesmerized

> From 1.30pm at TALBOT GALLERY
Yoga and Pilates Fusion Introduction Workshop with Anna Violante
Pilates improves flexibility of the spine, posture, alignment, breathing and body awareness and strengthens the core.
Yoga is an ancient discipline that originated in India reportedly more than 5,000 years ago. Asanas (postures), breathing techniques and meditation are all integral parts of this discipline and benefits include an increase in flexibility and strength, stress release and improved imbalance. Yoga energises your mind and body. The fusion of Yoga and Pilates mixes the elements together to create a workout that keeps your body supple, increases movement in your spine and helps you gain better body awareness.

About Anna Violante…
Anna trained with the Yoga Therapy & Training Centre in Dublin, Ireland and qualified as Yoga teacher in December 2009. Her background is in dance and Yoga and Pilates has helped her to further develop an intuitive body. After being introduced to Pilates in 2006 she was hooked and started incorporating elements of it into my daily Yoga practice.

Her classes range from a relaxing, balancing practice, to allow the body to move with more ease and grade, through to a stronger practice that re-energises the body.

This workshop will focus on introducing the basics of Yoga and Pilates fusion, all levels are welcome!

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